Remember the precious early moments of your newborn by preserving their story. Inevitably they will change and grow before your own eyes, so capture today what you’ll treasure forever!

I am able to bring the portrait studio to you or alternatively hold the photography session here onsite.  I realise the comforts of home for both young children and parents (especially of newborns). This is why I offer shooting portraits on location which can be a reassuring and convenient option. Photographs of newborns are taken from  5- 12 days old. My newborn sessions are done as a documentary style with a few “posed” newborn shots.

With documentary photography the emphasis is on telling a story, capturing events, recording moments in time, and capturing emotions. It is not a traditional approach to family photography, the style we all grew up with, it is a more personalised session.   A documentary newborn session happens naturally without posing, (most of the time) or pressuring anyone to look at the camera.  Only natural light is used. Parents and children are able to continue on with their activities and the photographer will find moments to capture.

These sessions will show how unique the family is and highlight the real moments we have as parents and children with the new addition to the family.  Sessions often include your normal day to day activities with the newborn, like feeding, bathing, reading, snuggling, and sleeping 🙂