Thinking about a newborn session?

Newborn photography requires some prep and planning to turn these challenging sessions into a success. To make the best of our time together, I have compiled some helpful tips for parents as you plan your baby’s arrival 🙂


SCHEDULING- You are going to want to schedule your session before your child is born. I know that babies tend to arrive when THEY want to so giving me your estimated due date is a good guide to go off of. Then once the baby is born shoot me an email and we can schedule a definite date and time. The best newborn sessions are when baby is between 5-7 days old as this is when they are still nice and sleepy and easy to position.

TIME- a newborn session will most likely take a minimum of 2 hours.  Since babies are unpredictable, I want enough time to deliver you enough shots of your bundle of joy. Since feeding, changing nappies and rocking all happen during all session I need to allot time for that to occur do our little model can be at his or her best!


FEED ME- You are going to want to feed your baby 20 minutes before your scheduled session. This will maximise the amount of time of actual shooting time if your baby is fed and sleepy.

UNDRESS ME- When you feed your baby you are going to want to undress them and wrap them in a blanket with their nappy on but not secured. This will prevent red creases on the baby’s skin and will allow for easy undressing.

I am able to bring the portrait studio to you or alternatively hold the photography session here onsite.  I realise the comforts of home for both young children and parents (especially of newborns). This is why I offer shooting portraits on location which can be a reassuring and convenient option.
The best room for us to shoot your session is going to be where there is a lot of natural light- near a glass door, windows. have an idea where this place is before I arrive so I can set up my gear quickly 🙂

TEMPERATURE- Make sure that the room that we will be shooting in is nice and toasty! This will keep the baby warm when we undress them since most shots are done in the buff. I will bring a small fan heater if needed, this acts as great white noise also!

ACCESSORISE- Gather all the hats, headbands, blankets that you want to be photographed so we have an assortment to choose from. I will bring some props and backdrops for your session but heirloom items and gifts make great props too- a favourite stuffed animal, a blanket made by grandma, dad’s favourite hat….

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With documentary photography the emphasis is on telling a story, capturing events, recording moments in time, and capturing emotions. It is not a traditional approach to family photography, the style we all grew up with, it is a more personalised session.   A documentary newborn session happens naturally without posing, (most of the time) or pressuring anyone to look at the camera.  Only natural light is used. Parents and children are able to continue on with their activities and the photographer will find moments to capture.

These sessions will show how unique the family is and highlight the real moments we have as parents and children with the new addition to the family.  Sessions often include your normal day to day activities with the newborn, like feeding, bathing, reading, snuggling, and sleeping

PEE & POOP- Your baby will either pee or poop on the blankets, wraps or backdrops that I bring and it is OKAY! Accidents will happen and sometimes more than once. Everything is washable… so don’t worry!

CRY, BABY, CRY- I understand that babies are unpredictable and though a time is scheduled for a session not knowing how or what baby is going to do, I will be as time effective as possible to make sure you and I are happy with the end results.


SNEAK PEAK- After your session, I will pick our my favourite images and edit those right away. I will post my favourite image from your gallery on my facebook page which can be found at: and have a link to more photos on my blog.

GALLERY- One  to two weeks after your session, I will email you a link to your online gallery. This will be when you can go through your images and pick a package that best fits your needs.


Also if you have any concerns about a newborn session or would like to book a session,
please contact me at amanda@amandakingphotography 

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