Why I love Autumn and the golden hour


Why I love Autumn for my photography sessions and I choose to do these sessions during the golden hour….

If you have tried photographing in the middle of the day on a sunny summer’s day you will have experienced the squinty eyes, harsh shadows and over-exposed hot spots. Ugh!

But in the golden hour everything is so much softer and the light is much easier to work with.

During summer time here in New Zealand, the sun rises around 5am and with me not being much of a morning person I rarely leave the house before 8am so catching the morning golden hour doesn’t really work for me!

Also during the summer in the New Zealand, the sun sets very late (after 9pm) so the golden hour starts around 8pm. I know that’s too late for many children, but if you have older children it really is worth keeping them up a little late to take advantage of this beautiful time!!

It becomes much easier in the spring & autumn as the sun sets at around 6-7pm so the magic hour starts around 5pm which is much more convenient for the little ones, plus you are also getting the gorgeous Autumn and spring colours to go with it!


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